Monday, December 29, 2014


We did it!
We finally got up the courage and drove to our Mistaya's new home in the woods.
We have felt that it was best for the 3 of us to never be together again since she found her new forever home.  But because both us had experienced some tough health issues we just felt that we needed to see Mistaya.
So we made plans with Mistaya's new family to be there at a special time to surprise Mistaya.
And it was the best reunion ever!!
When Mistaya heard me call her name she ran full speed to me and we both tumbled to the ground in pure joy!  She covered my face in a million kisses and my heart just about burst.
To feel my fingers run through her super soft coat was magic again.  And holding her close to me was  taking my breath away.
As we both rose from the ground Mistaya looked up and saw JW standing near the front of the car waiting his turn.  She jumped and whined and wiggled her whole body in total joy to see him again.
Yes, there were a lot of tears but with so much love and joy.
And you can see from the following photo that I really believe Mistaya was smiling!
I love you so much Mistaya and I can see that you are well loved in your home in the woods.  We are so lucky to have found such wonderful people for you to live with that love you as much as we do.

Maybe some day we can visit again Mistaya and maybe you can go with us to your favorite beach.  I miss you  being there with us.  We love you forever little girl and our memories of our visit are so warm and wonderful.

Till next time....We love you forever and ever!

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