Saturday, November 9, 2013

The National Christmas Tree is here!

This years National Christmas Tree to be on display at the White House is coming from Washington State!
It arrived in Olympia this afternoon for a few hours before traveling on down the road.
 And as the tree is making it's way back to Washington D.C. it is stopping in towns along the was so the people can view the tree. Many people are encouraged to sign the tarp that covers the tree. Yes, I did sign my name!
This trailer was custom built to haul these Christmas Trees that seem to be getting bigger every year. If I remember right they said the tree stood about 90 feet tall and they had to cut off a couple feet to fit it on the trailer. And the top of the tree had to be bend over a bit to fit the trailer.

The cab of the truck was covered with beautiful artwork depicting the White House and several other scenes. Amazing artwork.
More are artwork.

This is a area of the tarp on the trailer that is pulled back to reveal the tree and even some Christmas Decorations made by School children.  Everyone, young and old, enjoying seeing the tree.

Now we are looking forward to watching the Christmas Tree Lighting of this giant tree back in Washington D.C. later this month.


Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Fabulous, thanks for sharing.

Muffy's Marks said...

We see that tree lit every year. This year it will have so much more meaning for you!!

GAIL said...

Thank you miss jenn. It was fun to see it up close! Hugs, Gail

GAIL said...

Muffy... I think you are going to really enjoy this one. It is so big! This is the second National Christmas tree we have gotten to see up close. While living in Montana a few years ago Montana sent a tree to the nations capital. That was fun too! Not to sure we will ever see another one though!! Gail

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