Saturday, September 21, 2013


We found our new boat today!! It is down on the harbor and we dream about doing a lot of boating around Pudget Sound.
It will be so much fun....Let's GO!!!!
Climb on board everyone!!!

Oh, Never mind!!!!


animal lover, quilt lover said...

OH Gail you own a boat???? Good good good for you guys!!! What fun!!! I am afarid of boats. When I was a child of 6 years old my parents went to a party and the man had a boat and he was giving everybody rides in his boat!!! He gave Mom and me and 3 other people a ride and then he came back to the dock and gave 5 other people a ride in his boat and while they were out riding in the boat the boat blew up!!! They were all in the water!!! It was a scary mess getting everybody bach to the dock b/c nobody could swin real good. This happened 71 + years ago But I remember it like it was yesterday. Back in those days you didn't have to have life-jacets!!!
I have been afraid ever since!!!

GAIL said...

I am sorry you were frightened at such a young age Fern. Those kind of memories stay with us forever don't they! Hugs, Gail

Muffy's Marks said...

You had me there for a minute. But wouldn't it be fun to live on a boat for a while? Happy dreaming!!

GAIL said...

Thank you is such a cute little boat. But yes I would enjoy floating around Pudget Sound on a pretty day. Maybe some day!!
Hugs, Gail

Ralph S said...

I have to agree with the commenters above. That has got to be the most adorable boat I've seen so far. It would be fun boating on a nice day in such a pleasing transport. I hope she's chugging around Puget Sound all safe and smooth! Cheers!

Ralph S. @ Loans4Less

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