Friday, May 17, 2013


 Every time we go for a drive I see beautiful flowers everywhere!!
And being the person I am I can not pass them by without photographing them.  A trait taken from my Aunt Norma.  Thank you sweet Norma.
I enjoyed these pretty Iris' near the museum that is around the corner.
This town has a real love for Rhododendron's as they are blooming everywhere! 
The landscaping here is like no other town I have ever been to.
Always a surprise around every corner.


JacksDad said...

You're right. Those ARE beautiful. It so nice so see so much color.

GAIL said...

Thank you JacksDad....we love our new home with all its beauty.

SquirrelQueen said...

Oh wow, the flowers in your neighborhood are beautiful. What a great place to drive around.
Happy Weekend!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Your neighborhood sure is pretty. I hope I get to visit in the near future.

GAIL said...

Thank you SquirrelQueen...We are enjoying our new home so much. There are so many beautiful flowers and amazing sites as we are 1 block from the water.
Hope your weekend is wonderful too!!

GAIL said...

KeeWee...I am looking forward to seeing you...whenever you can!!!!!
Love you, Gail

Rae said...

I wish those were all in my yard! Hopefully I'll get an early start next spring! Beautiful pics!

mark panggabean said...

Thank you for the interesting article and pictures. Hopefully be an inspiration for us all. Greetings from blog visits thus of

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