Monday, April 16, 2012


This is what happens when a tree tries to take root at 6 feet above Sea level.
It appears to be quite an old tree but even age can not protect it from high winds and a shallow root system.

This tree, and many around it blew down in 2007 during a wind storm when the wind reached 120 miles per hour.

A sad sight but apparently a common one when trees grow this close to the sea.


SquirrelQueen said...

It looks like it put up a gallant fight against the wind and weather. But in the end Mother Nature's fury will usually win out. The remains did make for a nice photo shoot Gail, great shots.

GAIL said...

HI SquirrelQueen!! It always amazes me the things I see when I have my camera at hand. It has a way of opening my eyes to everything around me. I am sure these trees fought hard but with such a shallow root system I am surprised that they lived as long as they did. They are only about 100 feet from the bank of the harbor so they must feel the effects of the tides. Of course there are young ones trying to take their place!
Have a great day! Gail

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