Thursday, January 13, 2011


Our weather is warming but we are having our winter rains.  I don't mind the rain...I don't like the snow.

And of course the dog doesn't care if we have both..she just wants to go on her daily walk-abouts.

We encountered another Blue Heron not far from the house today.
As long as the dog keeps moving along the trail the bird doesn't move a feather.  And because of his stillness, I don't believe that the dog is even aware of him.

Now, the ducks and the large Canadian Geese...that's another story.  As soon as either of them see us coming along the path, they all launch into a loud chorus that half the city can hear.

And of course she is going to go running their way to see what all the commotion is about.

Dumb birds!
Smart dog!

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Anonymous said...

What a handsome bird. I will make it my business to have my camera attached to my neck end and to take snap shots of all the lovely 2 legged and feathery creatures...!

What a beautiful and colorful header G. - - - - So glad to see you back on the blog.

I will definately check out your South African dog blogger :-)

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