Friday, October 2, 2009


My Daisy's are just about to shed their seeds and I will attempt to harvest as many as possible. I plan to make a very large Daisy bed next spring and I want these colorful beauties to be the focal point.

I just hope I can do the harvesting before the snow falls on their little heads.

We did have some snow in the mountain tops around us yesterday morning but today it is just cold without any noticeable rise in the temperature throughout the day. But that's better than snow! So I guess it's time to unpack the big beautiful winter comforter to put back on the bed. Gosh, I love summer.


SquirrelQueen said...

Gorgeous coneflowers, since they are perennials you will have a few to start with while the seeds grow. I love the color they add to a garden.

We still have some clouds over our mountains but I suspect there might be a bit of snow up there.

Rae said...

I am never disappointed when I pull up your blog. Always a breath of fresh air and wonderful inspiration.
A picture says a thousand's true with your photos!

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