Monday, September 14, 2009


I know this date is usually MONDAY IMAGE but I thought I would take this day to answer some questions that my blog readers have been asking me. And I am sorry that it has taken me so long to respond, I am thrilled that you read my blog and certainly hope that you will continue to do so..
#1. SquirrelQueen mentioned in my post about my mother's quilt that she too has a grandmothers quilt that she too will repair and put into use. SquirrelQueen, I want you to know that I have gently laundered my mothers quilt and it now drapes proudly over the back of my sofa for all to see and enjoy. I love having it where I can see it and think of my mom as she spent all of those hours sewing it together for me. I am sure you will enjoy the same feelings when you put yours into use.

#2. Rae also commented about my quilt but she was saddened that neither she nor her sisters had anything of their mothers. I know how sad that is Rae and you stating that you will make sure your children certainly will is a wonderful thing. I must admit that as I grow older I appreciate my mothers quilt even more.

#3. Rae commented that she had dug up beautiful Tulip bulbs from her parents house and planted them by her front door and now gets to enjoy their beauty every spring. She talked about how she thought about her parents every time she walks by this amazing flowers. I imagine you can feel your mom smiling down on you each time you pause as you go by this lovely display. I managed to dig up a part of my dad's Lilac bush from the house we used to live in. I brought it to Montana with me and it has done very well. Every time I pause there, or water the plant I think about my wonderful dad and I miss him desperately every day of my life. The feelings this plant evokes in me are so heart warming. I am thankful for it everyday.

#4. Rae said she was looking for a new camera and wondered what I would suggest. Well, for the last 3 or 4 years I have been using a Kodak camera EasyShare Z650. It has 6.1 mega pixels and 10 X zoom. All of my photo's in this blog and Lifeofapoundpuppy blog have all been taken with this camera. It has been a great camera for me as this was my first digital camera I have owned. Fortunately I purchased a lens protector for this camera as it has hit the ground more time than a bolt of lightening in a vicious thunder storm. The camera is rather big compared to the camera on the market today so I always kept a strap attached to it that went around my wrist just in case! But as you all know, I have fallen several times and each time this camera was attached to my wrist so it went down hard with me. One occasion we were walking on a fairly steep trail and the camera seemed to jump from my hand and rolled about 50 long feet down the hill. It did make me laugh as it continued to roll and roll down the hill and I wondered if I would ever get it back! Fortunately a very kind gentleman hiking with us ventured down the steep slope and rescued it for me.

It has been a wonderful, easy camera for me these last years but last week I decided it was time to update my photo equipment. I bought a Canon A2000IS camera from BestBuy on line. One of it's great selling point was is that it weighs just 7 oz. as apposed to the Kodak which weighs in at 1 and 1/2 pounds. So that is a plus. This Canon camera has 10.3 mega pixels and 6X optical zoom. So there are many reasons I choose this little camera to try to expand my picture techniques. You will probably notice a few improvements on my blogs with more detailed pics in my posts as my favorite thing is to get as close as I can into a flower or something that has lot's of detail. So we shall see.

#5. Rae stated that she has never seen a mountain..especially like the ones in Montana, So Rae, the above photo is for you! This majestic mountain is called Trapper Peak and is just down the road from our home. She always looks so different with the change of the seasons and even with the change in the weather.

#6. What is there to see in Montana?? Well, We are blessed with two fantastic National Parks in Montana....Glacier Nation Park which we share with Canada and The amazing Yellowstone National Park that is also located here in Montana. The Yellowstone is so large that it is shared with the states of Wyoming and Idaho. You can get all the info and photo's you could need at Enjoy the info at this site!! Of course there are many more wonderful things to see in Montana and these are two of the best!

In my next post I will try to show photos of the craft projects I have been working on this summer.


SquirrelQueen said...

Thanks for answering. I have five quilts from both of my grandmothers. Two are in use and one is on display. The one has become damaged through the years and I plan to repair it. The fifth one I sometimes bring out for the holidays.

I also have one that belonged to a close friend's (he passed away a few years ago) mother. It is over a hundred years old and badly damaged. I'm hoping to repair it as well.

I love your mountains, they remind me of Alaska.

Rae said...

Thanks so much for answering! I sure was the inquisitive one!
I can't wait to get a new camera. (Probably Xmas) Mine is big and bulky, too. Right now I have A Fujifilm S3100 that I bought in '05. Don't ask me about megapixel and all that, because I'm not camera literate- I just know what photos look good! I will definitely check out your suggestion.
You really make me want to travel Montana. It was such beautiful country in the movie "Lonesome Dove" and you should feel very blessed to experience the natural magic there.
Thanks so much for sharing your part of the world. And I look forward to seeing your crafts!

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