Monday, July 27, 2009


JW and I planted a beautiful raised bed of his favorite peas this summer. They are growing very well and are beginning to produce lots of yummy peas.
But we have a bit of a mystery in the pea patch!......
The packet of peas was labeled Green Arrow but we somehow ended up with several that look oddly just like Sweet Peas.

They showed lots of beautiful color but unfortunately they died before they could fully develop into a large pea pod.
Of course since these are JW's favorite garden item it really wasn't very funny to him! He does eat them as he harvests them so they have never made it into the kitchen.


SquirrelQueen said...

They are beautiful, I love those little flowers. Too bad about the ones that died. Maybe next year you can try them again.


Rae said...

Your garden pics are beautiful. I personally know how much work it is to keep a garden weed-free and looking good.
After seeing your blog about the peas, I noticed that some of my green beans actually have colored blooms this year. Maybe its just a certain type, but I've not seen it before.
Happy Harvesting!

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