Monday, June 8, 2009


Isn't that the sweetest picture? No, I wasn't the lucky one who took this photo but I am still looking for such great opportunities.
This is a sad photo of my big beautiful Lilac bush that should be totally covered in big purple bunches of flowers right now. But this is all we are getting this year. Each group of flowers are usually 8 or 9 inches in length. These measure about three inches in length. How sad. I guess the 21 degrees below zero this last winter must have finally effected these beautiful old giants. According to the neighbors whose parents homesteaded here, this bush has been growing in this site since sometime in the 1940's. I do hope this last winter didn't hurt it too much. It is a row of Lilac bushes about 40 feet long. When in full leaf it makes a great privacy hedge all summer long.
Most of my lovely Hosta plants did not survive the winter. I decide to just plant different flowers with lot's of color in each of the very large pots. The color should brighten things up around here this summer.


Ginco said...

Although I don't recall ever seeing this bush/tree growing in South Africa, it is a great favorite flower of mine. I don't even know the name of this lovely flower that grows in clusters, but in German it's called Flieder - -and it smells soo lovely. I hope you will be able to enjoy it for the next 60 years!!!

keewee said...

I am sorry most of your lovely hostas did not make it through the winter. Even though our winter was a bad one, I am happy that most of my plants survived.

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