Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've been sick

I have missed posting to my blog but I have had a very bad cold that kept me in bed sleeping for about 36 hours straight. I am feeling much better today but I am afraid that DW has come down with it now. Poor guy, he has spent the last 24 hours sleeping so I hope he is on the road to recovery soon.

This pretty bloom is from my grandmothers Hoya Plant that she gave me not long before she passed at the age of 103. It is such a hardy grower that I have had to trim it back several times during it's life time. For some reason it has not bloomed since some time in 2002. I have no idea why it hasn't bloomed by I was very surprised to see several groups of pretty flowers growing on it this week.

The flowers are a very subtle pink petals with copper colors in the centers.

They do put off an odor but I don't care for the smell at all. Maybe that's why they didn't bloom for so long.....I always complained about their smell!
This photo shows a group of flowers that haven't opened up their petals yet and the ones in the background just open today. The closed ones appeared to be coated in wax but look velvet when they open.
It's good to be back at the computer today. When I sat down to post yesterday I could not get on line. So I called Wildblue Satellite to send someone out to repair it for me. And when I went into my email account today I realized I had been offline since last Thursday! So it is good to be back in the cyber world again.

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keewee said...

lovely Hoya. Hope you guys are both feeling better soon.

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