Sunday, March 15, 2009

The weather was surprisingly nice yesterday so JW and I and the pup decided that we should travel about 1 mile up the road to a real nice fishing spot on the West Fork of the Bitterroot River for an opportunity to get outside for awhile.
Very near the river I found this Hornets nest left over from last year. It is amazing how those little insects can build a home anywhere, When the river is in it's high water stage this bush is completely surrounded by rushing water.
Of course the puppy enjoy all the room to run around in since the weather was reasonable, and most of the time she was running at full speed. Just up the river from this photo was a fisherman standing out in the river. So we stayed down here so the dog wouldn't disturb him.

Later in the day the temperature was very pleasant but of course the weatherman is telling us it will snow tonight and continue over the next few days. Yes, I am very tired of this winter weather and I would love to be out in the garden tending any plants that may have survived this terribly long, cold winter.

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