Monday, March 23, 2009

I had a wonderful Birthday with many pretty cards and a bouquet of beautiful flowers. JW and I drove into the big city for a yummy dinner out and of course I am sure I ate to much but it is always fun to eat someone else's cooking.

JW gave me something to carry for protection while the puppy and I are out in the woods on our many adventures. So we will schedule an adventure into the woods to the target practice area above our house as soon as the roads up there are clear of snow.

Step daughter and family took JW and I to a play in Hamilton...The Beauty and the Beast. As I have never read or watched the story I found it very enjoyable. And the ending was one that the author had not written into the play. A young man who just returned form Iraq brought his girlfriend up on stage. She was a student at this school that preformed the play. The audience sat in complete silence when he went down on one knee and proposed to her. Of course when she cried "Yes" the audience exploded into applause. What a wonderful way to end a 3 day running of a great play!

So another year in my life has been celebrated and I am looking forward to what the new upcoming year will have to offer. I know there will always be something wonderful around the next corner so let's get started!!

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