Monday, January 19, 2009

Our gas prices are still holding pretty steady. It sure is wonderful to fill the gas tank on the truck and get away with using a 20 dollar bill....and getting some change back. Amazing!
The Alaska weather appears to have decided to stay here in our Montana. The skies are clear....which makes a spectacular show of stars at night...but very cold.

The last few days the fog has been hanging around through most of the day. And this morning the fog has left some interesting fog art on the trees in front of our house.
And the ice layer on our road is still to difficult to walk on so the little dog and I have not been making to many trips out of the yard.
This is the little tree just outside our front door and it is completely encased in fog frost. It does make a pretty site but a cold one.
These trees are usually a very dark green but the fog has changed their color to frost white. The frost crystals stayed on everything till almost 1:00 this afternoon. The temperature finally came up to 30 degrees about that time.
JW did some machine work in the shop this morning. When he arrived there he found the temperature inside the shop at just 34 degrees. After he got the fire going in the work stove b the temperature rose up into the 50's within the hour. He said his tools and machines were almost to cold to touch for awhile.

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