Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We went on a short road trip on Sunday...just a few miles south of us close to the Idaho border. There is a little town that has a gas station and a Post Office. And of course, even though the town is extremely small there is always a very old cemetery near by. Well, we had no problem finding the sigh telling us where to find the road to the cemetery but we were very surprised where it actually took us
Several times as we were following the road to the cemetery we both question each other if we were really on the correct road. We were climbing and climbing up a very winding one lane dirt road up the side of a very tall mountain. But finally we reached our destination!!!...........

This little, very old, cemetery was actually on the very top of this mountain. Wow, what a view. I imagine it was in this setting because this is a very fertile valley and back in the homesteading days they used every inch of level land to grow their crops to survive. And maybe they didn't want to use this land for their cemetery. Just a guess but what an incredible site they have chosen. You can see all the way to Idaho from here.
The above photo represents one of my favorite things to see when I am on my walk home after my 30 to 60 minute speed walk each day....that tiny white dot near the large tree in the road is actually JW on his way to meet me as I am returning home. There is nothing better than to have a hand to hold on the last stretch going home! Thanks JW
And it's wonderful to finally see the beautiful Big Blue sky of has been a very long time since we have seen a day with out big clouds blocking the sun. This is wonderful.

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keewee said...

Those little old towns always have some interesting history, especially reading headstones in the cemeteries.

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