Saturday, May 24, 2008

MAY 24, 2008

With the warm days and nights that we had earlier this week and today with lot's of rain my plants are trying to keep on growing even though it is cool today.Just a year ago today we received lot's of snow again so I...and the plants...never know what to expect each day.
My Hosta's seem pretty happy nestled on our back deck. The do need to be moved out where they can get more light but I think I will wait till this cold front moves on through. I have tended to them since last fall and I don't want to loose them after all of that!

I don't think there is any type of weather that can discourage these pretty little Johnnie Jump ups. I find them everywhere in my flower beds. You believe it's spring when you see these cute little flowers smiling up at you.
So I am going to continuing to believe that spring is really here and I can get back on my lawn mower in a day or two to get my lawn looking beautiful.

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keewee said...

Well at long last, there are signs of spring at your place. I hope it stays around then eases into a nice long glorious summer.

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