Tuesday, February 26, 2008


You are about to see the most amazing road ever. COME WITH ME . . . Very, very High Way! In Bolivia, South America Stremnaya Road is nicknamed 'The Road of Death'and it will take no convincing as to how appropriate that is.. Buckle Up . . . here we

Seen Enough??? Oh, No . . . Your Trip Isn't Over Yet! Check that your seat belt is fastened one more time . . No Traffic at all today!!
After That Ride, Tell Me Honestly?. Are You Going To Complain About Your Lousy, Traffic - Congested Super Highways Ever Again???


keewee said...

My mouth is zipped, never a complaint from me about our roads, ever again!!

ginco said...

Hostagirl, I haven't sat behind the steering wheel of a car since I'm living in Switzerland simply because these people don't know how to spell the word courtesy, and I'm dead scared that my husband will have to bail me outta jail, LOL!
BUT, going on these Bolivian back roads, one must be absolutely suicidal!! !
Hair raising pictures you've posted here!!!

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