Sunday, February 10, 2008

I just couldn't find a photo that I wanted to post today so I thought I would posts these pretty pictures taken in Maui, Hawaii last year.

No, JW and I were not the lucky ones to get to visit this beautiful place with all it's wonderful weather and beautiful plants and flowers. The lucky one was my son JT who has spent several vacations on this lovely island.
It has been several years since my last visit to the islands but I can still smell the air as I departed from the airplane when I arrived in Honolulu. The air always seemed to be filled with encredible smell of beautiful flowers.
Yes, I miss that wonderful place but it was already overcrowded even back then so I am sure there are a lot more people there now. And having been living in the wonderful state of Montana for almost a year and a half, I have learned to appreciate the awesome open air and wonders of the wilderness far to much to want to return to overcrowding and traffic jams. I have discovered that it is very easy to learn to love and apprecate this kind of lifestyle. As my Blog header states...."In Montana by the Grace of God" and I really beleive that.

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Ginco said...

What would life be without our memories? Hawaii and Montana must surely be two different worlds apart, each place with a beauty of it's own, and you are so lucky to live in a place surrounded by so much beauty, each day you get to see animals of a different kind!!
I was born at the coast down in SA, but I must honostly say, I have never been a lover of the sea!
Living among the wild & free animals, far more appealing to me - any day!
I'm always chatting away, but now I want to mention how lovely your header and the words are!

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