Saturday, December 29, 2007

The blog has been quiet for the last few days as we have been resting and catching up with ourselves after the big holiday.

We have gotten a light dusting of snow during the last few days and it does look so pretty. The lack of wildlife seems strange as we have had so many wildlife guest in the yard before the holiday. Even the Turkeys have slowed their visits to see us.

I have spend the last few days playing in the "office/craft room" digging through my crafts to see what I can get completed. And I even got a few of my projects together and completed. It's such a enjoyable way for me to spend the day. I am so blessed.

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ginco said...

I think everyone needs a rest after the Christmas celebrations - and what a nice way to "rest" when one can get stuck into those crafts just waiting to be completed?! Besides digging in the garden (I don't have no more) I love my handy work - can't wait to see yours Hostagirl!

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