Monday, September 10, 2007

Finally...CLEAR SKIES!!

Yes, we finally have smoke free skies for the first time in several months!

So, JW and I are planning a hike in the morning that is about 7 miles long. With clear skies and Lot's of fresh air it should be a good day for a hike.

Our weather is a warm Indian Summer type of time and my Hosta's are starting to become very thirsty as our irrigation water has been turned off for the year! It came unexpectedly to me so I didn't have time to prepare for this lack of water. I have managed to give away a few of my wonderful plants but I am carrying water out from the house to try to keep them alive. If we have a few more crisp nights the plants may start into their hibernation mode for the winter. Gosh, I never thought I would wish for chilly nights!

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keewee said...

Have a wonderful time on your hike.

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