Friday, September 7, 2007

Another wonderful hike

Today just 3 of us made the hike around Lake Como which is between Darby and Hamilton. It was a beautiful sunny clear day and the trail was pretty much empty on this great day.

This bridge is at the south end of the lake and sits very near a beautiful waterfall just above this scene. This was early enough for us to enjoy the fresh crisp air that came up from the water.

What a wonderful sight we were witnessed to today. This Eagle flew up from the lake and sat on this dead tree and watched us as we approached. He may have been intrigued with our companion dog or just at the site of us ladies walking, chatting and laughing! We stopped very close to this tree and watched him for some time. And just as he tired of us and took flight, I was able to snap a wonderful photo of him with his wings completed spread open. Awesome!!! I may post that photo later.
This is a view of Lake Como looking south near the end of our hike. I believe the hike was a total of 7 miles. By the time we had reached this end of the lake the temperature had risen and we were ready to find the car! But these views were so amazing that we really did hate to leave the area and journey home.
We did find water near the parking lot for our wonderful hiking companion to cool off. She did drink her fill then just laid down in the water to cool down. She's a very good hiking dog and deserved this special treatment!

I am still amazed that every hike in this beautiful state seems to be more wonderful than the one before. And to have such easy access to all of these extraordinary trails is so incredible! Yes, I love this place.

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