Monday, August 20, 2007

Kirkville Stamp Mill, Wednesday afternoon

We drove around Phillipsburg in the afternoon and just about a mile or more out of town we came upon this abandoned Stamp Mill that had mined for silver. Billetallic Mining Company built this fifty stamp mill and mine offices at what was first called Kirkville and then became Clark. It opened in 1889 and doubled it's size in two years. It was the world's largest silver mine at the turn of the 20th century. The mill and mine closed in 1958 with a estimated total of silver and some gold productions of more than $32 million.
There is a lot of brickwork and stonework that still remains there today. It's amazing when you realize that all of these stones were moved here so very long ago. And all the bricks were made on site.
We believe these were probably kilns that lead to the smoke stacks seen in the first photograph.
This entire complex was originally covered with a huge building that apparently burned down many years ago. And all of this seems to be left just to go back to the earth.

These were the machine shops that were probably kept very busy keeping all the large machines running. Not to much left of them but they sure make great photo's.
At the entrance to this mill was what appeared to be a gigantic machine cemetery. There were many acres of really awesome looking old machines and parts that we sure wish we could have snooped through! I guess there isn't much call for 118 year old mining equipment these days!

That ended our excursions for the day as it was time to check in at the hotel in Phillipsburg and we were ready to sit down and put our feet up!! Tomorrow...Day 2 of our Anniversary Adventure!


gincoleaves said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!!!!

I have tried to leave a comment on your blog earlier today, but blogger decided to play silly tricks on me and would not allow a comment on your blog.

That old stone building reminds me of the many old sights in Italy!

keewee said...

that is a neat old car in the machinery cemetery,Great pictures.

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