Wednesday, July 4, 2007

This was a very unexpected encounter on our hike this morning! This large Moose didn't care to give up his share of the trail so we choose to climb up a huge rock slide to give this guy plenty of room to move on. Everyone around here has always warned us that Moose can be very aggressive when encountered in the woods. But I was able to get a few photo's of this large beast before he disappeared around the bend in the trail.
We found a nice shady spot to enjoy our lunch after the Moose encounter. The sound of the creek near us was a great way to spend our lunch time. No, no one else was with us, I just set the camera on a tree stump and hurried to get into the picture before the timer went off!!

Of course, I kept an eye open for the Moose that was somewhere down the trail ahead of us when we decided to head back home. But fortunately he found greener pastures some where else and was nowhere to be found.

It seems that there are never ending adventures for us in the State!!

The state of Montana seems to allow most any kind of fireworks during the 4Th of July. I can't believe the size of the rockets and high flying displays we can see anywhere just here in the neighborhood. We certainly hope we see no forest fires in the morning. With all this noise I am sure it's going to be a very long night!!

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