Sunday, July 15, 2007

This Doe and her twin babies were on the road as I went walking and bolted into the pasture as I came along. I believe they are living near the top of the hill just down the street from us as we have spotted them near here several times this summer. The twins are such tiny creatures with all their cute disguising spots. To bad they grow up to be plant eating beasts!!! JW got the fountain running yesterday and it does seem to make me feel cooler while sitting on the deck just from hearing the sound of the running water. It's beautiful. Thank you Dear!


keewee said...

Such cute flower eating wee beasties *smile*
I love your fountain. Good job JW

gincoleaves said...

Aaaah, it will simply make my day to come across those little bambi's,
And Mother's showing off her swanky white tail, soo cute!!!

Enjoy your fountain Hostagirl, it makes such a charming difference in the garden, and it's so relaxing to hear the splashing water.

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