Thursday, July 19, 2007

One of my twin brothers and his wife came from Washington State to spend a few days with us this week! We had such a good time wandering around Hamilton seeing all the souvenir shops and a few antique stores too.

We stopped in a quaint Ice Cream shop to get some relief from the temperatures that were near 100 and as we were leaving the coolness of the shop we saw this lady with her beautiful parrot outside of her shop and just couldn't resist getting a picture of "Billie" as he was enjoying the shade on this very hot Montana day.

Why does the time go by so fast while company is visiting? We wait so long for their arrival then is seems in no time at all they are driving back down the road to go home. I miss my family and I enjoyed every moment while they were here. We love you guys!! I have 3 brothers and a sister and we are expecting the other twin brother and his wife to visit this summer too. Family...I miss them all....and our guest room is always available!!!

We had high winds again in the night and the neighbors lost another giant tree in their front yard. But nothing to worry about...they say "Oh good, more fire wood!!!" I love this place.

I have been busy organizing my photos for the upcoming Missoula Fair. This is my first big Fair so I am anxious to see how I do. Later in August Hamilton is also having their County Fair and I plan to participate in that one too. I hope they like my photo's! I sure have fun taking them.

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