Saturday, July 21, 2007

This is the event called Double Cross Cut. Using a cross cut saw, two contestants cut through an 18" Larch. This pair of loggers did it in 12 seconds!!!
The lady logger is running the event called "Obstacle Pole." One log rests on another causing the end to be 5' off the ground. On "Go" the contestant picks up his saw and races up the log (pole), starts the saw, then severs a disc off the end of the pole. Contestant then turns off the saw and races down the pole. No part of the foot or saw may touch the ground or support log before reaching the bottom of the log. This young lady did very well in her attempt.

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keewee said...

I love to go to days like these. It is so interesting to see what the loggers can do. They have demos like those at our local fair.

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