Wednesday, May 30, 2007

WOW!, the first ride of the season for JW! This is a road that links up with our road just across from our drive way. Just a mile up the hill is thousands of acres of forest service land with mile after mile of great dirt roads. JW did enjoy his first ride of the year and I know there will be many more to come.
These is a few of my Hosta's that made the trip with us from Washington and I can't believe how big the have gotten already, so early in the spring. They are taking over the back deck so I have moved several of them out under the Lilac bushes where they receive plenty of shade and fresh air. JW built awesome wooden stands to put each plant on so the plant pots should not fill up with bugs and worms and things! Yuck!!!

The weatherman has reported that our temperature will be in the 90's this weekend. But he said "Don't worry, it should cool down into the mid 80's but mid week." Marvelous!!!

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keewee said...

Wow! just look at your hostas, they did not suffer in your move at all.
JW sure is going to enjoy living there with so many trails to ride.

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