Friday, April 13, 2007

We had to drive into Stevensville today to apply for our Montana drivers licenses. Unfortunately this is our second trip there. We drove up there the first of the week only to find out we needed a passport, or a birth certificate, and a piece of mail with our names and address with a post mark from Montana to prove we are now living here. Of course we had none of this with us, so today we made the return trip to Stevensville. We both filled out the forms to get our new Montana drivers license and as JW gave her his Washington license to prove he did indeed have a license, she politely told him that she was sorry but she couldn't take it because it had expired on his birthday in February. As you can guess, this was a big surprise to us! She said he needed to take the written and the driving test to get his Montana license. (Oh no!!). Or if we were able it would be cheaper and easier to return to Washington to get that one renewed then return and he could get his new license without taking all the tests!

Montana's drivers licenses are valid for 8 years! You know in 7 1/2 years I can look at my license and know I haven't changed a bit!!! YAHOO!!!!

Well, as luck would finally have it, we are traveling to Washington on Monday to retrieve our lawn movers, motorcycles and a few other things we had left behind. So he will renew it there then return to Stevensville next week...again!!! I, of course, was given my new license without any trouble!! The worst part of this whole thing is we didn't realize that you must have a Montana drivers license for 60 days before you can apply for a fishing license here!!! JW will apply for an out of state license at a much higher cost. A lesson well learned much to late!!!

The above picture was the scene that greeted us as we drove closer to our home. What a beautiful sight to see every time we return home. I never tire of seeing these mountains because every time of day, every different shadow makes it always look so different and more beautiful than the view before.

These cute little new born lambs are a definite sign that spring is here. There were probably 50 new babies in this large field as we passed by on our homeward bound trip today. They just make me smile as I watched them run and play together. Oh, wonderful Spring!!

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keewee said...

Little do we know how much bother it is to get some things changed over.
I have to renew my resident alien card in a couple of years,and an English girl I know, said to go over to Seattle the day before, get up early and be at the location by 7am, as they only take 100 people a day. Sheesh!! I am really looking forward to that adventure NOT !!

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