Friday, March 2, 2007

Views from our house.

When I stepped out onto the back deck to refill the bird feeder, this bush caught my eye. Such a pretty color of red during this dull color of winter time.
I was washing the lunch dishes when I looked out onto the hill across the road and there were 15 or more wild turkeys working their way up the hill looking for things to eat. They keep themselves fairly busy up and down our road on the never ending quest for food.
Our weather is wonderful during the the 40's, but our night sky has been cloud free so we are cooling way down in the night. It feels good to finally be into the month of March. I love spring days when all the birds are singing and new babies are born...even the deer babies are oh so cute! I always was a sucker for Bambi. So I hope spring isn't to far away here in Montana.


gincoleaves said...

Although my Friday list tells us not to envy others, Hostagirl I am so envious of the beautiful views you'r enjoying from the many corners of your new environment !
I've always been a birdlover, and by simply watching those wild turkyes - and the many lovely free roaming animals you have out there, I'd forget to do my chores,
Gosh, I'd think life was one long vacation - enjoy every moment :-)

Anonymous said...

We both sure are lucky to live in areas where we have such wonderful views of nature.
Our snow has melted away, I do hope that is the last we will see until next year.

Phyllis said...

I put my flannel sheets away and put on the Egyptian cotton!!
Spring is here!!
I can smell those turkeys cooking!!
The closest I ever got to Wild Turkey was in the bottle!! hehehehe

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