Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hi I am back at last

We saw one of the new mail drop boxes the United States Postal Service is using to commemerate the issuing of a new stamp with the theme of Star Wars that starred Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader and this is of course R2D2. They are placing them throughout the United States and we were lucky to get one in Missoula. I loved the Star War movies and I thought this was kind of cute!
And this is the funny and clever R2D2 that helped Luke Skywalker and Princess Leala throughout the several Star War movies

We have had a few very busy and fun days! Lot's of birthday celebrations and birthday cake!! JW took me into Missoula so I could ger some crafting things that I have been wishing for so I can expand my craftings projects. We went early and stayed late...what a great day. We then met the daughter and her family in Hamilton for a great Chinese dinner! It was a long and wonderful birthday day.

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