Saturday, January 27, 2007

Views of Montana

This herd of Montana Elk were grazing in a field not far from our home this week. The actual herd has been reported to be more than 750 in number. There are so many of them because the rolling hills across the road from this field is private land so the Elk all hang out there. So it's not unusual to see them very close to the highway even during hunting season because they seem to know the hunters can't hunt them in these hills.
This beautiful feather made of copper is on an entrance to a large ranch we pass every time we drive to or from Darby. The feather it's self is about 8 feet tall and when the sun shines on it, it just glows. Of course there is a matching one on the opposite site of the entrance. The ranch house apparently sits up around the corner because nothing is visible from the road. Hmm, maybe that's where Hank Williams, Jr lives!! Or, maybe not.

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