Thursday, January 25, 2007

Is this really January?

JW and I ventured into Darby this morning to ship some machined parts by UPS. The above photo is of son-in-law Perry's Napa Auto store. It sits right on main street in Darby. The flag is at half staff in honor of a Montana soldier that died in Iraq recently.
Because the weather is so gorgeous, we just had to stop at a well known fishing spot very close to our home to check things out. Besides the wonderful fishing location, there is also several camping spots just to the right in this picture, over looking the river. Just up stream from this photo, a young man was suiting up to do some serious fly fishing. He too, was thrilled about our wonderful weather...the temperature was in the high 40's again today! Good luck with that fishing. Yes, that's me way out there in this picture!

1 comment:

keewee said...

Hi girlfriend, nice to see you.
What a lovely spot for camping and fishing.

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