Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Old man winter is getting closer everyday! This is the Bitteroot Mountain Range just to the west of us. If you climbed over these mountains you would be in the state of Idaho. Lewis and Clark passed through our area on their way back to the east coast in 1806. His journals talk of fording the West Fork River that is very near us. I try to imagine what they must have thought of this wide valley after traveling through such rugged mountains on their return trek back east. The valley is several miles wide in places and at that time had many indians living close by who apparently stole many of their best horses during the night.

But I am sure old man winter is about to make himself felt around here. The locals all say that the snow is very late this year...hurray!! Spring is just that much closer!!! Yes, I am already looking at seed catologs. And I have my list of plants that deer supposedly do not like. Yeah, we will see!!

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keewee said...

What a beautiful view.
We wish you both a very happy Thanksgiving.
Keewee & Mr.C

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