Sunday, November 26, 2006

This is a everyday scene in my front yard, side yard, back yard, on my back deck. It doesn't seem to matter to these deer...I can hear them clattering on my back deck even during the night!! Yes, I am sure it isn't Santa Claus!!! But I certainly will let you know if I spot him. Yes, I will post a picture when I see him.

Yes, I know the deer are cute but I don't believe they will look very cute as they are biting off the leaves and flowers of all my beautiful plants and hostas this spring!! I will have to arm myself to do battle with them. Yes, JW gave me a beebe gun, so I don't think the wildlife around here have much to fear!!


gincoleaves said...

I certainly won't say no to a view like that every day, Hostagirl, it looks like you've found your heaven on earth :-))

keewee said...

Oh ! how cute, but I can see you have a battle on your hands.
I am told that they do not like the smell of human urine. Invite the local football team over, buy some beer and let the guys do the rest LOL LOL

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